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kehittämisyhdistys toiminta-alueenaan
Haapajärven, Haapaveden, Kärsämäen,
Nivalan, Pyhännän, Pyhäjärven,
Reisjärven ja Siikalatvan kunnat.




Keskipiste-Leader is a rural development association, one of the 54 Finnish local action groups. Our mission is to support local and balanced development of the area. Our focus during 2014-2020 is in three themes:

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Local communities and democracy
3. Youth participation


The area of the LAG Keskipiste-Leader is situated in the middle of Finland and it consists of eight communities: Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kärsämäki, Nivala, Pyhäntä, Pyhäjärvi, Reisjärvi and Siikalatva. This area of 10 400 km2 has under 45 000 inhabitants. Special characteristics of this rural area are active villages, strong and original culture, fantastic entrepreneurial spirit and a large number of children and young people. 



The LAG Keskipiste-Leader encourages young people to participate in development actions. The Youth Leader is a funding instrument for young people’s own projects. Funding can be applied for example for arranging events or improving hobby opportunities. The goal is that young people become interested in developing their home district by means of planning and execution of their own small but important projects. The applying is very simple and fast. Young people can do the planning, the execution and the reporting of the project by themselves.



Internationalisation has become a natural part of local development also in rural areas. The LAG Keskipiste-Leader has cooperated in international projects and is willing to take part in new projects also in future. We have cooperated for example with Ireland. Themes of this cooperation project were internationalisation of enterprises (e.g. craftmakers), promotion of tourism and cooperation between villages.


Please contact us to discuss cooperation possibilities! Interested in EVS? Click here



Pajatie 5
FIN-85500 Nivala


Ilkka Peltola, Managing Director
Tel. +358 400 838 528
E-mail: ilkka.peltola(a)keskipisteleader.fi


Anni-Mari Isoherranen, Leader Adviser
Tel. +358 40 544 8643
E-mail: anni-mari.isoherranen(a)keskipisteleader.fi


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